Peer-reviewed Publications

All papers published before 2010 are available at DBLP. My citations are available from my Google Scholar

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# Standard and Industry Work

  1. Privacy Implications of DNSSEC Look-aside Validation
    A. Mohaisen
    DNS OARC Workhsop, 2016 (oral presentation)
  2. Detecting Botnet Domains Using DNS Traffic
    Matt Thomas and A. Mohaisen
    DNS OARC Workshop 2014
  3. Open resolvers in the com/net resolution
    Duane Wessels and A. Mohaisen
    DNS OARC Workshop 2014
  4. XMSS: Extended Hash-Based Signatures
    Andreas Huelsing et al.
    Internet Draft (IRTF, CFRG), 2016
  5. Evaluation of Privacy for DNS Private Exchange
    A. Mohaisen and Allison Mankin
    Internet Draft, 2015 (source)
  6. Opportunistic Encryption with DANE Semantics and IPsec: IPSECA
    Eric Osterweil et al.
    Internet Draft, 2015

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# Media Coverage

Our work on measuring the leakage of .onion in the public domain name system infrastructure has been coveblack by a post in the DeepDotWeb. The work was presented at ACM WPES and was jointly done with Matt Thomas.

Our work on Social Clouds, a design of a trustworthy social computing system bootstrapped by social networks, was coveblack by several news stories and posts, including posts at MIT Technology Review, The Verge, Data News, Atelier, This work was published in IEEE Transactions on Service Computing and was jointly done with Huy Tran (undergraduate student; now at Microsoft), Abhishek Chandra and Y. Kim.

Our work on DDoS attacks has been coveblack by several news stories in the New Scientist, CBS News, Info Packets, Infosec Island, Minnesota Daily, Slashdot, METRO, The Register, Gizmodo, Geekosystem, ISSSource, among others. This work was published at ISOC NDSS, and was jointly done with Max Schuchard, Eugene Vasserman, Denis Foo Kune, Nick Hopper, and Y. Kim.


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